British Council Announces “Bridging Voices” grants

The British Council and the Friends of the British Council are accepting applications for three-year grants for Transatlantic Dialogues on Religion and International Affairs. The grants are part of Bridging Voices, a new initiative that will support transatlantic academic and policy dialogues on issues relating to religion and international affairs.

Five grants will be awarded annually to groups of institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. The grants will fund the organization of two academic and policy dialogues over a period of one year — one in the United States and the other in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in Europe.

Through these dialogues, Bridging Voices will bring together transatlantic academics and policymakers to share their expertise on topics related to religion and international affairs. Participants will use these dialogues to exchange knowledge and develop a more accurate and nuanced understanding of religion and its role in international relations.

These dialogues will also include engagement with the media and the general public.

Bridging Voices is supported with a grant from the Henry Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs.

The deadline for applications is June 14, 2013. More information about the program, eligibility and the call for applications can be found on the British Council website.

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