The Israel-Palestine Project 2011

In January 2011, USC Annenberg’s J585 Reporting on Religion launched an innovative partnership with On Being, American Public Media’s talk show on meaning, religion, ethics and ideas. During Skype sessions with host Krista Tippett and the On Being staff, Diane Winston’s graduate students mapped out reporting strategies for coverage of religion and ethnicity among Israelis and Palestinians as well as Jews and Arabs in Los Angeles and in Israel. The class posted photos, audio clips and stories on Tumblr, many of which appeared the On Being blog. Trent Gillis, the program’s online editor, also worked with students on stories for the site. In Jerusalem, Tippett and the On Being production team met up with J-585 for a tour of the Old City and a dinner conversation with author Yossi Klein Halevi. Several students’ stories from Israel subsequently appeared on the program blog.

About the Project

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