America Abroad Media

America Abroad Media’s mission is to promote the free exchange of ideas, foster critical thinking, and empower self-governing citizens worldwide. To that end, AAM produces balanced and in-depth journalism that helps Americans develop an informed understanding of foreign affairs. The generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation, in particular, has enabled AAM to produce a series of public radio documentaries exploring the intersection of religion, politics and public life. This year, AAM will launch a new series of international public radio town halls connecting the United States, Middle East and South Asia for dialogue. Broadcast nationwide on U.S. public radio stations and on our partner stations in the region, the six-part series will feature direct discussion between policymakers, university students and everyday citizens in the United States and their counterparts in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey. Through people-to-people dialogue, the town halls will help communities identify shared interests and values, promote mutual understanding, and build empathy among audiences and listeners.

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