After US sex abuse scandals, an accused priest rises again in Paraguay

Priest Carlos Urrutigoity celebrates Mass. (Courtesy of Vanguardia)CIUDAD DEL ESTE, Paraguay — A hush falls across the church, broken only by the rhythmic swish of the censer as it bestows acrid incense across the faces of the congregation.

A gaggle of monks in brown habits, their heads tonsured in repentant horseshoes, rises and begins to chant. They are joined by seminarians — priests in training — in floor-length, black soutanes, and Latin liturgy pulses over the pews. The words rise to a massive floor-to-ceiling mural that casts dozens of saintly eyes across the room.A noise behind the congregation. A door opening. He is here.

In an exclusive for Global Post Will Carless reports on accused child molestor Carlos Urrutigoity leading Mass in a remote South American church.

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