Photo Credit: Jessica Donath

The Other Israelis

BY : Andrew Khouri, Albert Sabaté & Mary Slosson

South Tel Aviv is one of Israel’s most diverse neighborhoods, with migrant workers and Israeli citizens of diverse backgrounds living in close proximity.

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Photo Credit: Jack Guez

Prophecy, Science Converge in Israel's Oil and Gas Boom

BY : Kevin Grant

John Brown first came to Israel in 1983 with visions of striking oil. He didn’t care that geologists had written off that possibility as absurd.

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Jessica Donath

Retirement Home Supports Impoverished Holocaust Survivors

BY : Jessica Donath

Many Holocaust survivors living in Israel spend what should be their golden years in a state of poverty. A retirement home in Haifa is now lending a helping hand to one of the country's neediest groups.

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Photo Credit: Janine Rayford

Black Among Blacks

BY : Janine Rayford

“Why you come here to show everything is good for Ethiopians?” Abraham Amirha asked, slicing through the music with his grave tone: “We live in Israel in a situation that is not correct.”

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