Housing Strains For Palestinians In Lod

BY : Christin Davis

AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Raidh Abueid, a Palestinian man, lives in the mixed Arab and Jewish city of Lod. His house, along with those of six extended family members, was demolished — leaving 50 people homeless.

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Coexistence in Israel:
A Tale of Two Communities

BY : Bethany Firnhaber, Rosalina Nieves & Robyn Carolyn Price

MULTIMEDIA: Mezer and Meiser, communities that have lived side by side for over 55 years, offering a model of what peaceful coexistence in the region might look like.

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Photo Credit: Albert Sabaté

How a New Israeli Law Affects Migrant Workers

BY : Albert Sabaté

AUDIO: Work permits prohibit migrants from marrying or having kids. After Israel began deporting migrant mothers and their children, the Supreme Court stepped in to stop the expulsions.

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Arab Women // Social

BY : Christin Davis and Jill Krebs

MULTIMEDIA:These three Arab women teach university students how to deal with diversity, mentor youths through positive reinforcement, and encourage women to use teamwork as a way to break through racial barriers.

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