Photo Credit: Ron Poole-Dayan

Why Israeli Gays Opt For
U.S. Surrogate Births

BY : Evan Pondel

Despite Israel's reputation as a world leader in reproductive technology, surrogacy is illegal for same-sex couples, forcing many to seek costly alternatives abroad.

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Checkpoint: Living As An Outsider In A Jewish State

BY : J.David & Tara Graham

MULTIMEDIA: Seven hundred checkpoints dot the state of Israel to keep one population in and the other out. But what about the folks who fall in between? These are their faces. Read on for their stories.

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Photo Credit: Kim Daniels

Digging The Past, Building The Future

BY : Kim Daniels & Meghan McCarty

VIDEO: Some Jewish Israelis consider the City of David, a site revealing the 3,000-year-old history of their culture, one of the most important archeological digs in Israel. But many of the current residents - mostly Arab Israelis - say the expansion of the dig threatens their neighborhood.

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Photo Credit: Len Ly

Professor Teaches Peace, Two Pages At A Time

BY : Sarah Grooters

Eyal Naveh, a professor at the University of Tel Aviv, is collaborating with Palestinian and Israeli historians to write the first dual-history textbook. The book will cover past events by presenting each side's account in a side-by-side, comparative format.

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