Photo Credit: Sarah Parvini

Irish Abortion Debate Reflects Growing Church-state Tensions

BY : Sarah Parvini

Ireland’s stringent abortion laws made it impossible for one mother to end her pregnancy. She refused to give birth to a child who had no chance of surviving outside the womb.

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Muslims Find a Welcoming Home in Famously Catholic Ireland

BY : Megan O'Neil

Perhaps because of its strong religious background, the nation has been more accepting of Islam than many of its European neighbors.

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A New Protestant Beginning for the Irish Language in Belfast

BY : Aaron Schrank

MULTIMEDIA: The Irish language used to be a symbol of Catholic nationalism. But it’s gradually becoming de-politicized, morphing into just another minority language in need of saving.

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Should Paramilitary Murals in Belfast Be Repainted?

BY : Tricia Tongco and Shweta Saraswat

Neighborhood walls have become the latest battleground in the city's struggle over how to commemorate its violent past.

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