Push, Problems for Christian Adoption Overseas

Kathryn Joyce is author of 'Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement' and a forthcoming book on adoption and religion. Her writing has appeared in Mother Jones, The Nation, Newsweek, Slate, Salon, Religion Dispatches, The Harvard Divinity Bulletin and other publications.

Project Overview:

Joyce investigates a new evangelical adoption movement that has been building in recent years, drawing thousands of U.S. Christians into orphan advocacy as an extension of pro-life politics and evangelicals' increasingly global focus. The push for Christian adoptions, however, comes amid an international adoption crisis, as numerous sending countries close over corruption allegations, halving the number of children entering the U.S. for adoption, and forcing many agencies to close. The clash of these two trends is vividly demonstrated in Liberia and Rwanda: the first as a country that gained a viral popularity among Christian adoptive parents, and its tragic aftermath, and the second as a potential future hotspot.

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